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Thema: More Schwalbe problems ( also english)

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    if these are the only papers you've got you should definitively get some legal ones. fortunately, this is quite easy for pre-1992 simsons. all you have to do is write an email to the kraftfahrtbundesamt ( mopedabe_beitrittsgebiet@kba.de). this email should contain:

    *your name and adress
    *exact type of bike (in your case KR51/2E if it's the same scoot as above)
    *VIN (to be found stamped into the frame under the seat)
    *year of manufacturing
    *your phone number for questions that may occur

    normally, the processing only takes a few days. then, the mail guy will ring at your door and want approx. 25€ for your fresh paperwork - simple as that!
    ..shift happens

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    The issue is that these fake papers are to a bike that I was going to buy from
    the dealer but didn't because, well they were selling the bike with fake papers
    for one thing and since they never built the bike we agreed upon. The bike had
    a terrible paint job, no mirrors along with other missing small parts,
    no fuel filter.It also had the carburator set very high (hohe standgas). WHen i asked him about this he said he didnt want me to get stuck while crossing large intersections...(I know how sweet of him ). He was never able to get the bike right and when it came time to pick it up he went on vacation. He claimed he didnt know when he'd be back.
    It was basically a bike Nico Walter was trying to sell me
    for 1400.00 Euros that was thrown together from whatever he could find laying around.
    So I'm not trying to get papers to ride this bike.(I have since bought one that is reliable ) My next step would rather be to get legal action to resolve this ongoing issue about the deposit. I was just asking to see if these "replika papiere"
    are really ok to use as Nico Walter sold me.

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    Fake papers, wrong information, way to much money for a vehicle in poor condition - seems to be a very trustworthy and reliable dealer...

    Congratulations for your decision not to buy this piece of scrap.
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